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Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency

There are three prominent standards in which a “Green” or Sustainable building can be rated on: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Energy Star, and National Green Building Standard. All three standards strive to satisfy key areas of: Improvement of Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation, Indoor Environmental Quality, Reduction of Ownership Cost of Facilities, Site Development, and Sustainable Environmental Stewardship.
MiGre Engineers Staffmembers are well-versed in requirements necessary to obtain certification in LEED Accredited Professionals.

LEED NC Gold / Silver /Bronze
Various energy saving features are sought after in an attempt to gain LEED Certification. Items on our various projects in the past have included features such as : low flow plumbing fixtures, VRFZ HVAC systems, lighting controls, solar panels for heating, geothermal heat pump system, under-slab Hydronic heating, water-source heat pumps, Energy Star fixtures and fans, individual lighting, and temperature control with a thermal comfort design, high-efficiency heat pumps, enhanced insulation and glass lighting control systems, fluorescent lighting, enhanced filtration, and localized exhaust, split-system heat pumps, and enhanced insulation and windows.