• Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, & Plumbing Engineering Design


Accurate and cost effective engineering design, delivered on time, remains the main focus at MiGre. This is achieved through sound engineering judgment based on the vast range of experience of the diverse staff at MiGre. The firm’s goals and budgets are given high priority and accurate, code-compliant, design principles are integrated in these constraints.

This “Client First” approach is reinforced with a multi-stage quality control process that ensures a set of accuracy checks on items ranging from titles and issue dates to equipment selections.

MiGre continues to provide its employees with a family oriented benefits package including health insurance and a dental allowance. 401K planning is offered thru our Retirement Fund consultant. Flexible scheduling for family events encourages employee family values and creates individual advancement through continuing education.

MiGre’s Ownership embrace family values, endeavors to provide professional development, and wishes to create an atmosphere that is both productive and enjoyable.